On Wednesday August 3, we held a demo event on the exhibition floor, at the time and space called "Tech Talk". Six of our client companies gave excellent presentations. For those of you who couldn't attend the event, and for our own documenting pleasure, here are some bits from the event, some linked to extended content in the form of gallery pages and/or tutorials:

Scott Sindorf and Damijan Saccio, Co-Founders, UVPHACTORY, NYC: "SyFlex in 'Starz' network ID"


  First on stage were the founders of New York City design and production shop, UVPHACTORY, who explained how they used SyFlex to brand the "In Black" cable channel for the Starz network. The brief asked to create a tantalizing environment that represented the interior of a star-like energy source. SyFlex was chosen as a tool for creating the abstract effect.

  Scott Sindorf described the conceptual development of the project, and then Damijan Saccio showed how they solved the challenge of having the simulated animation work as a loop, which was a requirement from the client. What seemed at first like a challenge was eventually solved very easily with SyFlex within XSI.

Matt Hicks, CG Supervisor, Moving Picture Company, London: "SyFlex in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"


  MPC used syFlex in about 80 shots for 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,' dressing up digital doubles of principal characters and hero Oompa Loompas. Some shots had over 100 CG characters wearing clothes bearing more than 90,000 polygons!

  Matt used technical breakdowns to show how SyFlex was used in the film. He presented background footage from the 'Nut room' and the 'Inventing Room' and discussed the challenges of integrating and inter-cutting between live action and CG characters/ Digital Doubles and the use of SyFlex when reproducing the costumes of myriad Oompa Loompas.

Rob O'Neill, Independent 3D Artist, Brooklyn: "SyFlex in 'Blank', an independent short"


  Rob O'Neill, director of the upcoming film "Blank" presented a number of proof-of-concept shots demonstrating how SyFlex could be incorporated into an independent film pipeline. The first shot presented was of one of the main characters (Hawkshaw) walking in his signature trench-coat, and the second was of the main character (Paradigm), demonstrating how fast it would be to create a cape.

  Rob also discussed a number of work-arounds which are under consideration for the small production, and the range of elements he is planning to use SyFlex for. More details on our Blank page. (Hey, there is a lot of stuff on this page! : ). There is also a tutorial about cape-making from Rob.

Clinton Downs, Supervising Technical Director, Animal Logic, Sydney: "SyFlex in Stealth"



  Clinton covered in detail a shot in which the camera flies through a burning and rapidly expanding hole within a 100% SyFlex parachute. Creating the parachute from the garment phase, using maps to drive cloth attributes, generated ropes with SyFlex, simulating tearing, custom-made SyFlex plugin for 'pressure force', MEL to assist in the tearing, and low-resolution proxy parachute setup for near realtime cloth feedback for animation purposes mapping very closely the full blown 27,000 vertics high-resolution version.

  We especially liked his very last slide : ) A still image from the shot can be seen on our Stealth page.

Laurent Ledru, CG Creative Director, and Gil Baron, TD, Method, Santa Monica: "SyFlex in 'Better than Water' and 'Car Cover' spots"


  The Kia "Car Cover" spot is a long time favorite with our users, judging by the amount of questions we constantly get about it. Finally, there was an opportunity to meet the people who created it! Gil and Laurent also presented a newer favorite, "Better Than Water" spot, where they used SyFlex to create water people.

Mike McCormick & Robert Taylor, Dir of 3D & Exec Producer, Pendulum, San Diego: "SyFlex in 'LA Rush' game cinematics"


  The owners of San Diego based Pendulum discussed their fast paced 3D production pipeline, which had integrated SyFlex for a wide range of dynamics solutions. The duo presented the use of SyFlex on their recently completed project; 15-minutes of high-end game cinematics ("cut-scenes") for Midway Games' flagship title, "LA Rush". They also presented how SyFlex was used to cloth some sinister skeleton pirates in a series of commercials for Kellogg's.

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