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Syflex is an extremely fast cloth simulator with a simple user interface.
For instance on an intel i5 (quad-core, 3.1GHz) a 10.000 vertices cloth with 16,000 vertices collision object runs at 25 fps.
The process to animate a tshirt is quite simple. You can see here a quick tutorial.

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, a few movies are...
Here are animations that users quickly created using Syflex in Lightwave. They illustrate what the plugin can do.

Wine-derful animation from Vincent Paris at Le Jardin Digital.
Vincent used a hidden (not renderable) object for the collision. This is often a good solution, as the object used for rendering might require a higher resolution.
PS: Yes, this is a Bordeaux.

Realistic animation from David Ridle for a scene of the movie The Conjuring.
He used wind and an invisible geometry. Don't miss the wireframe rendering: it explains how the animation was done.

A cloth simulation gallery always includes a Dancing Girl. Thank you Joseph Hinrichs!

Steve White shows that Syflex can also be used for soft bodies. You can see in the demo that the simulation is not pre-computed, but is instead computed on the fly, allowing the artist to tweak the parameters.

Hair animation from Vincent Paris, using flat strands.

And so many more!
April 14, 2015
New release.
Transformation can be applied to cloth.
Among bugs fixed:
- Fixed issues with nail/pins and bones.
- Fixed bug on initial state.
- Update for all OS, including OS X.

May 3, 2014
Fixed bug: motion blur now works.
Cached simulation interpolates cloth shape between frames (fractional frames.)

April 23, 2014
Minor release.
Fixed bug: save wind.
Win 32 bits version included.

April 22, 2014
Minor release.
OS X version available (64 bits intel).

April 21, 2014
Minor release.
Fixed bug that slowed down simulation and sometimes perturbed the animation.
Current users: it is recommended to download the new version. In most cases you won't notice any difference in the resulting animation, apart from some speed improvement.

April 14, 2014
Minor release.
Added envelopes to Wind. Now almost all parameters in the simulator can be animated.

April 10, 2014
Minor release.
Plugin can be placed in any directory.
License can be attached to Lightwave's dongle.

"Syflex is really a nice extension to Lightwave, with exactly what I have been waiting for this kind of plugin: extremely simple to use, powerful and stable. It is astounding to see how so few parameters are doing such a great job!"

 - Vincent Paris, Le Jardin Digital

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