SyFlex is extremely fast.

In this animation, with a detailed cloth and accurate collisions, each frame took less than 1/10 second to simulate on a quad core CPU:


Ease of use

SyFlex is easy to use! It doesn't require any tailoring skills from the animator. There is no need in creating flat panels and stitching them together; the artist just uses any traditional polygonal object.

The installation process is brief, and once installed, SyFlex is seamlessly integrated within Maya, XSI or Houdini. Learning how to use it is painless.


The technology behind SyFlex provides for a perfectly stable simulation. Whatever the constraints and the forces are, the software always computes an accurate animation, without vibrations.

Additional Features


The simulation can be saved in cache files, allowing to re-play it quickly. It also allows to re-simulate selected frames, without recomputing the whole sequence. It is possible to blend different cache files, choosing which part of the cloth to keep from each cache by using the paint tool.

Nails and Pins

The vertices of the cloth can be fixed in space, using nails. The nails can be animated, thus allowing interesting possibilities for manipulating the cloth movement. Any vertex can be pinned to another static or moving object (for instance to make a belt).

Per-Vertex Properties

The properties of a cloth, such as its mass or stiffness, can be modified on a per-vertex basis, using Artisan maps.


Collisions of the cloth with any static or moving object are computed accurately. To optimize collisions, the user can specify which faces perform collision. Self-collisions are also accurately computed.


With some basic knowledge of programming, SyFlex can be customized. New forces and constraints can be created.

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