Syflex Software

Founded in 2002 by CG veterans, Syflex is dedicated to providing the 3D animation market with superior simulation technologies.

Our cloth simulator implements an original technique that offers a fast and stable alternative to other existing solutions. Immediately upon its first release, Syflex was warmly accepted by many production studios. Our ever-growing list of clients consists of a wide range of creative companies and individuals, from big-name studios, to smaller special effects houses, and independent animators.

Our expertise has matured through many years of hands-on experience in CG software development, and 3D film production. For instance, before creating Syflex, we wrote the cloth simulation engine that was used in Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, and in the Animatrix DVD).

We are committed to CG, and are excited by the opportunity to contribute to the making of special effects in great films such as The Lord of The Rings and Batman Begins, to mention two favorites. Our development process relies on the close relationships we keep with our users and partners. Our "Beta Testers" are lead artists in major studios.


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