Administrative Questions

Frequently asked questions about installation and management:

» Does SyFlex come in nodelocked or floating license?

» Is SyFlex a plug-in or stand-alone?

» How do I install SyFlex?

» Do I need SyFlex on my rendering machines?

Technical Questions

Frequently asked questions about SyFlexing:

» Can I tweak a few frames without having to run the whole simulation again?

» The simulation is much slower after I smoothed my syCloth object...

» I have 40 syCloth cable objects that I want to simulate, how do I manage that?

» Can I apply the same force to two syObjects?

» How do I simulate multiple layers of cloth?

» My pins suddenly appear to be not connected to my syCloth! What happened?

» I am happy with my simulation, but it's a little too fast. Can I slow it down?

» What about motion blur?


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