"Thanks again for such a great product! I have been able to use my experience with Syflex to land me a great job right out of college. Thanks!"

Emron Grover
Student at Brigham Young University’s animation program
Las Piñatas

"We could not have done the first episode of the sixth season of 'Smallville' without SyFlex!"

Todd Daugherty
Director of Technology

"Even though the 3D Team was inexperienced with SyFlex, it was simple to get up to speed very quickly. This meant that we could meet a very tight deadline, and completely exceeded out clients expectations, which is paying off now in the form of more exciting cloth jobs lining up".

Martin Heigan
3D VFX Supervisor
Ministry of illusion

"SyFlex is a dream! It takes the technicalities out of simulation... SyFlex is part of our pipeline now. It is such a powerful tool, we keep it handy at all times."

Bryan J Blevins
CG Director
ka-chew, a division of Klasky Csupo, inc.

"SyFlex is a very versatile tool allowing us to reproduce flowing silk for the scarf or heavy leather for the saddle and straps."

Ditch Doy
Head of 3D
Peerless, London

"The experience with the software was instructive and exciting to say the least... With And1, dynamic clothing became a fully integrated element for any cinematic or trailer production at Ubisoft. We now discover new and unexpected ways and techniques to use Syflex cloth in visual FX."

Patrick Parenteau
Lead FX cinématique
Ubisoft Cinematics Studio Montreal

"We've been using SyFlex on a couple of projects over the last six months and have really come to depend on it quite a bit (o:

We've found SyFlex in XSI extremely versatile, and not just for typical cloth issues. In fact we even used it to control slow motion long hair dynamics in that Prince of Persia trailer."

Raonull Conover
FX daddy/Technical Meerkat
Cinematics group
Ubisoft Cinematics Studio Montreal

"Clothes do make the character alright.. On every character.. For every shot.. On a childrens TV series budget... Not without SyFlex ;^)"

John Homer
Character Supervisor
"Jane and the Dragon"
Weta Productions

"We wanted something which was representational, but also abstract and inspirational. This could be a daunting task if not for the tools that SyFlex made available."

Scott Sindorf

"Time restrictions prevented us from using Syflex as much as we would have liked. We are utilising it to a far greater degree in upcoming projects. Syflex is one of the most versatile and reliable tools we have come across and we are finding novel applications for it all the time."

Andre DeAngelis
Ubisoft Cinematics Studio Montreal

"With Syflex, we were able to quickly generate the flying sheet sims -- not just shot-specific animations, but also libraries that we could blend and use again and again. Syflex's new spring weight tools were key to keeping the cloth from looking too rigid and having it flow the way we wanted."

Andy Romine
CG Artist
Pixel Magic

"We are absolutely thrilled with SyFlex. I won't get into all the details here as to how we are using it (for more than just cloth), but suffice it to say that we are thinking of printing up tee shirts with the slogan "Just SyFlex It"."

Bob Munroe
President & Visual Effects Supervisor

"This software kicks major ass. There are not many effects that can be done on a whim in CG, but cloth is now on that very short list. Not only is Syflex fast as hell, but it's incredibly simple to use. It's so far ahead of the game, there's no point in others trying to catch up. Thanks for making my job more fun."

Michael McCormick
Director of Animation

"I just wanted to say thanks for addressing these issues so quickly for us. Since we, as most productions, are on a tight schedule, your fast turn around times and quick feedback are one of the best features of Syflex. I really appreciate it."

Bob Powell
Vinton Studios

"On EXORCIST, we had very little time to produce a cloth simulation for a very active digital double. Out of the box, Syflex got us 90% of the way there. The flexible toolset allowed us to work fast -- without sacrificing results. The ability to blend different performances was a lifesaver, letting us focus on one area at a time. I wish all dynamic simulations were this easy!"

Andy Romine
Technical Director
Pixel Magic

"During the last two years, SyFlex has become an indispensable asset to our artistic arsenal. We recently used SyFlex on Hellboy, Day After Tomorrow, and Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow. It's high quality, speed, stablilty, and reliable support have allowed us to deliver cutting edge simulations show after show."

Rudy Grossman
Digital Creature Supervisor
The Orphanage

"Holy Cloth that's F-A-S-T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fastest cloth sim I ever saw. Ever. Period.
Congratulations on an amazing piece of code!"

Perry Harovas
co-author's of "Mastering Maya Complete 2"

"I just wanted to let you know that I can't tell you how impressed we are with this plugin. There are many things that Maya Cloth just can't handle, and Syflex does it totally brainlessly, and almost realtime. I did a loose flowing sleeve on a deforming arm, it took me about 10 minutes to setup, and about 2 minutes to solve 13 seconds of motion.
This is really incredible."

Simon Sherr
Animation & Rigging Lead

"Cloth is not an issue anymore.
We can add clothes in all our projects."

Gustavo Yamin
Vetor Zero

"I had just one week to complete all the cloth shots,
something impossible to do with Maya cloth...
I really love syflex."

Augusto Schillaci


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