SyFlex in Batman Begins

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Feature Film


Client: Warner Brothers
VFX Studio: Double Negative
Released: July 2005
Visual Effects Supervisor: Paul Franklin
Lead SyFlex Artist: David Vickery
Batman animator/syflex artist - Hege Berg
Batman animator/syflex artist - Robert Sethi
Syflex Artist: James Lewis
Research and Development: Jonathan Stroud
Batman Animation Supervisor: Colin McEvoy
Batman Rigging Supervisor: Martin Parsons
Batman Modelling: Nick Savy
Batman CG Lighting Lead: Bertrand Cordier
CG Supervisor: Dayne Cowan
Compositing Supervisor: Charlie Noble
2D Sequence Leads: Chris Burn, Andy Lockley


Double Negative in London did 15 digital stunt double shots for Batman, all of these shots featured SyFlex cloth simulations.


Paul Franklin, Visual Effects Supervisor at Double Negative, who worked on the Batman shots, told us:

"The digital Batman stunt double was used primarily in situations where it was impossible to stage a practical stunt, sometimes because the special effects (practical) requirements were too difficult to rig for real or where the stunt would have been too dangerous to stage. SyFlex was used in the creation of all the Batcape animations, matching the specific characteristics of the practical cape."

"We used SyFlex extensively on the Chronicles of Riddick, we found it be a powerful tool in the creation of detailed cloth simulations. Based on the positive feedback from our artists and the great results that we got from the tool we decided to use it as our primary cloth sim for our work on Batman Begins. SyFlex enabled us to get a good match for the practical Batcape which had some very complex animation properties."

"SyFlex produced first rate cloth simulations for our digital stunt double work on Batman Begins. The software had the power to cope with complex cloth surfaces that allowed our artists to get a spot on match for the look of the Batcape and the toolset integrated well with our Maya 3D animation pipeline. Using SyFlex the artists at Double Negative nailed it every time!"


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