SyFlex and Embodee - The online garment revolution

Founded in 2008, Embodee is spurring a 3D revolution in the online garment world. Combining Syflex's fast and accurate cloth simulation with their proprietary high-fidelity 3D rendering, Embodee empowers companies to offer their customers an unparalleled rich and immersive visual interaction with online garments, boosting their e-commerce sales.

Virtual Try-on

Using Embodee's patented Online Try-On℠ technology, shoppers can see themselves wearing different styles or sizes, checking where garments will be tight or loose. The software replicates online how garments look and fit so accurately that Hurley Jeans reported a 40% drop in returns and 33% jump in sales.
Measure yourself and try jeans online.


What if you could customize garments to accurately reflect your company's uniqueness or your sport's team spirit? This is exactly what Embodee's platform offers: limitless garment design options with an incredibly realistic 3D rendering.
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The company's process starts with a single physical garment that's digitally scanned, stitched, and draped on 3D models, creating virtual renderings true to reality in appearance, size and fit. The Embodee process is now integral to the online operations of some of the world's most prominent sports apparel brands.


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