SyFlex in 300



Feature film


Visual Effects: Hydraulx, Meteor Studios, Animal Logic


Three companies: Hydraulx, Meteor Studios and Animal Logic used SyFlex in the special effects work they did for the film "300".

Jeremy Butler from Hydraulx:
We used SyFlex to simulate capes on Stelios and one of his soldiers. For a lot of the shots we used an animatable solution, since the shots were from very far away. At one point the director wanted to put the camera closer to the action and the rig we had wasn't designed for close-ups, so we ran simulations for the capes. The challenge was in getting the cloth to behave in a slow motion, yet still have it's weight look appropriate. In addition to that, Stelios does a heroic dive-roll, rolling on his cape. I was very surprised at how well the collisions worked in that situation. The soldier was getting hit with a grenade, which required animating SyFlex forces.

Frederic Fortin from Meteor Studios:
We have been using Syflex for doing blood, for instance when the messenger get thrown into Sparta's well. We basicaly used Syflex hair as emitting geometry for particles. Nothing complicated, but it looks lovely.
We already knew how to use Syflex: we used it for the roller coaster sequence in "Final Destination 3", where all CG doubles were dressed using syflex, as well as their hair setup.

Andrew Jackson from Animal Logic:
Background characters in the Crazy Horse shot, where the King of Sparta leads the first spectacular charge into the Persian army, included digital doubles of Spartans and Persians built using photographic reference for textures and Syflex cloth simulations for capes.


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