SyFlex in "Der Todeswald"

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Clips courtesy of The German Film School


Student Short Film


School: The German Film School
Director, Simulation (SyFlex Cloth), Animation, Character : Manuel Mueller
Compositing, Environment, Simulation (Hair, Dynamics), Rendering: Adrian Heinzel
Producer, Animation, Sound, Character: Cordula Langhans
Producer, Lightning, Environment: Gila Roehrig
Animation, Rigging, Character, Credits: Manuel Czepok


A group of five students from The German Film School used SyFlex in the production of their short film project last year. One of them, Adrian Heinzel, came to visit us at our booth in SIGGRAPH and showed us a clip from the project playing it on his hand-held computer. We thought it was lovely. The group just completed the project and shared it with us.


Adrian Heinzel told us a few more details about the project:

"Located near Berlin, The German Film School is one of the leading universities for 3D animation, compositing, special effects and digital production. We produced our short film during the third semester of last year. It is a 4 minute short film called in English: 'The forest of death'. It tells the story of a little girl who plays in the meadow with some fireflies and gets lost in a dark forest after she follows one of them. Then a big monster appears...

The little girl's dress was done with SyFlex. We have a total of 45 shots and the girl (and SyFlex!) is present in 30 of them. We worked on the film for 2 months during our third semester. It was the first project we worked on using XSI and SyFlex but it was a very good experience. Most of the time we just needed to assign SyFlex to our geometry and everything worked smoothly right away. It was very easy to use and we had no problems setting up the simulation.

The most challenging shot was the one with the girl crouching on the ground because of all the collisions with other geometries. In this particular shot the dress slides up or permeated through the ground. So we had to spend a little extra time on the settings but in the end it worked very well.

We were amazed about the ease of use working with SyFlex and the speed of the simulations. It was nearly possible to work in real-time and we were able to use network rendering due to the cache files. This considerable advantages led to a lot of fun working on the movie and we learned quite a lot."


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