Syflex in "Nanny McPhee"



Special Effects


Studio: Universal Pictures
Special Effects: Framestore CFC
CG Supervisor: Andrew Rawling


FCFC used SyFlex in the fantastic transformation of the bride's dress at the wedding scene at the end of the film Nanny McPhee. The bride's identity is secret so no images of her are permitted, but a few words were said about that dress.


FCFC Press release:
"After we'd got rid of the superfluous bits of the dress," continues Rawling, "We built up the frosty material, partly from the snow that's landing, partly from the icy frost that's spreading itself. We then start extending the dress out at the back to create the train. This was a complete simulation, using the Houdini version of Syflex for the cloth..." Full press release, here.

VFXWorld article:
"3D artists utilized Maya to track the actress’ movements, using orange markers placed on her costume. Since the fabric of the dress made it too complicated to track precisely, the match was approximate. Using this data, a cloth simulation was run in the Houdini version of Syflex: it created the animation of the skirt, of the end of the sleeves, and of the veil itself — the actress had been shot without a veil..."

"We used Syflex to extend the original dress out at the back to create a train." Read the whole article, here.


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