SyFlex in "JoJo in the stars"

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Clip and images courtesy of Studio AKA


An independent animation short


Animation Studio: Studio AKA, London
Title: JoJo in the Stars
Completion date: January 2004
Director: Marc Craste
Lead 3D: Fabrice Altman

SyFlex was used in 13 shots where a rug needed to be simulated.


Syflex was so pleased to hear that the short film "JoJo in the Stars" is the winner of the Best Short Film award at the International 3D Awards 2004. The film, directed by Marc Craste of Studio AKA, makes a nice use of SyFlex in XSI. Syflex called Fabrice Altman, Lead TD on JoJo, to hear how exactly SyFlex became handy in this production. Here is what Fabrice told us:

"I used Syflex in about 13 shots towards the end of the short, where a moving character is completely covered with a heavy rug.

There were two main challenges in making those shots work; The first one, following the director's request, was to have the simulation give a sense of weight to the rug. The second challenge was the close interaction (collision) the character has with the rug.

While other cloth simulators we tried before simply failed our requirements, SyFlex was able to give us good results in a limited amount of time".


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