SyFlex in "Galactik Football"

Test render - QT 291KB

Final render - QT 426KB

Clips courtesy of Attitude Studio/Alphanim. Galactik FootballTM Alphanim. © 2006 Alphanim, France 2. All Rights Reserved.


Animated TV series


Producers: Alphanim, The Farm-Dublin, France 2 in association with Luxanimation
Original idea: Charles Barrez, Vincent Vandelli
Series created by AUGIAS IMAGINACTION COLLECTIF AUTEURS: Charles Barrez, Vincent Vandelli, Pascal Bouboul, Nadège Girardot, Sébastien Oursel, Guillaume Mautalent, Flavien Vandelli.
2D animation: Alphanim
3D animation: Attitude Studio Paris
3D Director: Antoine Charreyron
FX Supervisor: Joël LE GIGAN
FX Artists: François COULON, Josselin TONNELLIER, Nicolas ZBOROWSKA


SyFlex was used by Paris based Attitude Studio to simulate football gate nets in the manga style TV series "Galactik Football"


Lead FX Joël Le Gigan gave us a few more details:

"Galactik Football is a 26 x half-hour animated series for kids. It tells the story of the 'Snow Kids', a football team from Planet Akillian, competing for the prestigious `Galactik Football Cup'. SyFlex was used for each goal kick, which accounts to 3-4 simulations in every episode. We used it to simulate the nets that were attached to the upright posts and crossbar. Using SyFlex, we managed to get a realistic interaction between the ball and the net."

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