SyFlex in "Warhammer: Mark of Chaos" E3 2006 cinematic

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Game cinematics


Client: Namco Bandai Games America
Production: Digic Pictures, Hungary
Director: Istvan Zorkoczy
Producer: Gabor Marinov
CG Supervisor: Robert Kovacs
Lead Character TD: Andras Tarsoly


Digic Pictures had again produced a stunning game trailer, depicting this time a bloody fight between Empire soldiers and Chaos warriors. The Empire hero's armour is obviously adorned with a SyFlexed cloth, but as we found out, SyFlex is really everywhere in this beautiful piece (read on!). The whole trailer is available on Digic's website.


Warhammer cinematics producer Gabor Marinov gave us a few more details:

"We’ve used SyFlex exclusively to create the natural looking cloth animations in the cinematic. Besides the cloth we’ve also used SyFlex to simulate the various secondary dynamic motions on the characters, like the Priest book’s chain, the little bags, amulets, etc. We’ve created dummy cloth objects for those and constrained the object geometries to them. In this tricky way we could use SyFlex’s extreme fast and precise simulation engine to drive rigid body moves, too.

Besides the Warrior Priest, the Elf Shadow Warrior who saves the Priest in the movie almost entirely covered with multi-layer cloth. The big Bloodthirster Demon also used Syflex for realistic folding/unfolding of his wings as well as the Chaos Warriors, Empire Soldiers and Goblins for various cloth pieces.

We like SyFlex very much because with it we have the freedom to imagine and create _any_ complex character with simulated secondary motions, we don’t have to worry about the technology."


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