Syflex in "X-Men: The Last Stand"



Special Effects


Client: 20th Century Fox
Special Effects: Framestore CFC
VFX Supervisor: Craig Lyn
Senior Technical Director: Carl Bianco


SyFlex was used by Framestore CFC quite intensively in the spectacular special effects work they did on the Golden Gate Bridge sequence in the super successful X-Men 3.


VFX Supervisor Craig Lyn gave us a few more details:

"The Golden Gate Bridge sequence is one of the central scenes of the film, and we really put SyFlex at work here. We used it to simulate the numerous cables of the bridge first tearing and flying around Magneto, and then as they also create a torus shape around him when they receive his powers.

Carl Bianco did a wonderful job on this, as did SyFlex! We were a bit concerned about this scene, because the client was very particular in every other case and we were sure we were heading for quite a bit of work, however Carl just nailed it with each shot on the very first try! There are about 25 shots here, and the work Carl did with SyFlex is really fantastic!"


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