SyFlex in Horton Hears a Who


Feature Animation


Bluesky Studios
20th Century Fox
Visual Effecs Supervisor: Kirk Garfield
Cloth Lead: Jamie Kirschenbaum
Cloth Artist: Jim Parente


 Used in 20 or more shots in Horton Hears a Who, as flags, blankets, pillows, awnings, and a shelf doily.


  We needed an out of the box cloth simulator that would give us the flexibility to do different types of cloth materials with a fairly quick turn around.
  Most notable was the blend cache feature, which we used extensively for the awnings and buntings of the council's balcony in Whoville. Instead of simming each shot individually, we decided to go for a blend cache method,. The effects department simulated and cached 4 different wind speeds for the awnings and bunting. Then with the help of the rigging department an interface was setup that animators were then able to blend between preset cached wind speeds on a per shot basis based on what the action called for. The same procedure was done with Whoville flags seen throughout the film.
  Syflex gave us the ability to pull off shots without avoiding object interaction. The shots involving the Mayor underneath the blanket, we were able to simulate to the animation of the Mayor, and easily offset the collision so that his fur wouldn't poke through the blanket.
  We came up with other semi cached uses for Syflex. In the sequence where the Mayors daughters are put to bed some of the hero bed blankets were simmed with the animated characters in bed. The background blankets were created by making 4 custom blanket draped shapes using Syflex. Then the rigging department setup blend shapes with those states, from there animators were able to cycle through them to give the background beds variation.


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