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Authors: Rudy Grossman, Erick Miller
Publisher: Autodesk


The "Maya Techniques | Hyper-Realistic Creature Anatomy Part II" DVD was co-authored by Erick Miller and Rudy Grossman. The DVD covers more advanced techniques for creating creature anatomy in Maya. As part of the creature design and rigging techniques, Rudy explores skin and flesh simulation issues to help the user create the most frighteningly realistic characters. The DVD is available for purchase, here.


Rudy has been credited as a Lead Lighting TD, Lead Animation TD, Lead Creature TD and Creature Supervisor at studios such as Weta Digital and The Orphanage. Some of Rudy’s current responsibilities include developing MEL, Perl, and Maya Plug-In tools for animation, and developing a workflow and toolset for editing/animating facial motion capture. Rudy has contributed to such films as King Kong, X-Men: The Last Stand, Hellboy, and The Day After Tomorrow. Rudy has presented several Maya Master Classes and co-authored Maya Techniques DVDs. We asked him a few questions about his work with SyFlex and the DVD:

Syflex: You have been a SyFlex user almost from the very beginning. What makes you stick with it?

Rudy: The release of SyFlex was, in my opinion, a ground breaking moment. It literally brought incredibly realistic and intuitive cloth simulation to the masses. But what has been truly amazing, is that the SyFlex group didn't stop there, you guys kept at it. Every year there are more and more great features, and it's obvious that you are listening to us out here in the CG community, because the software keeps growing and expanding to meet our ever changing needs.

Syflex: How did the DVD come about?

Rudy: Erick Miller and I were talking on the phone about some ideas for the upcoming 2006 Maya MasterClasses. After a few conversations, we decided to merge all our favorite ideas into a 2 part class series called "HyperReal: Creature Anatomy".

Syflex: Why did you choose SyFlex for skin and flesh animation?

Rudy: Erick and I choose SyFlex for the skin & flesh demonstration for the simplest reason. We don't know of anything else out there, commercially available, which can handle skin and flesh simulations as well as SyFlex. This is as big of a breakthrough for the CG community as the release of SyFlex's original cloth solver. Can you tell I'm really excited about this? What makes SyFlex's skin and flesh simulations so unique is that it can be so easily integrated into animated character rigs. It is production ready software.

Syflex: What new techniques will the user learn from the new DVD?

Rudy: Wow... a lot of cool stuff, that's for sure. We put a lot of work into preparing the material presented in these DVDs. Users will learn some of our favorite tips, tricks, and techniques that came about from our combined years of intense production experience.

The first HyperReal: Creature Anatomy DVD covers:
-Working with reference material
Accurately modeling from photographs
-Modeling for Anatomical Transformations.
Modeling a realistic human
Using human reference material
Preserving topology
Human to Beast transformation
-Skeletal Anatomy
Joint Structure in the creature model
-Rigging for Anatomical Transformations

The second HyperReal: Creature Anatomy DVD gets a little more intense:
- Comparative Skeletal Anatomy
- Advanced Rigging Solutions
- Skin/Flesh Simulation
. Differences among cloth, skin, and flesh simulations
. Simulating the skin of a human torso during a monstrous
. Adding volume and preserving fatty flesh simulation into a creature workflow


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