A student film from Joe Ark Sun

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Images courtesy of Joe Ark Sun / Ringling College of Art and Design


Student movie
Watch the full movie here.


Animation: Joe Ark Sun
Produced at Ringling College of Art and Design - Department of Computer Animation


The film was selected as a regional finalist for the student academy award. Syflex was used for all character cloth fx. The little girl has six cloth systems, and the mother has one. The ability to blend and edit caches on a frame by frame bases were crucial to the film and the cloth fx couldn't have been done otherwise. This made several of the more difficult shots (the run, and the getting off the ground shot) much more feasible.

On the girl, I opted to divide the girl's dress into systems based on where major seams would occur on the physical dress. The six systems are the bodice, collar, the 2 sleeves, the skirt, and the slip. This allowed me to simulate progressively. In each shot, I would do a pass with just the bodice piece first. Once I got that looking the way I wanted (that piece was relatively easy), I ran the simulation on the sleeves and collar next. The collar is done in just a pin pass. The sleeves were done in either a stiff setup or a soft setup depending on the shot. I then moved on to simulating the skirt, followed by the slip which were the two most difficult parts. This method allowed me to focus man hours and machine hours on the trouble areas more and save resources on the pieces that were relatively straight forward. The slowmotion shot was done by breaking the out time connection on the sim cloth and using it as proxy.

My cloth work on this piece got me a job at DreamWorks Animation. It's like a dream job and I am still amazed that I was able to get this coming straight out a college. So once again, thanks for making this amazing cloth simulator.

~Joe Ark Sun


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