SyFlex in Journey to the Center of the Earth


Feature Animation


Production: New Line Cinema
VFX: Meteor Studios
Rigging supervisor: Frederic Fortin


Syflex: Where was Syflex used?
Frederic Fortin: On Journey to the center of the earth, my team used Syflex for both skin and cloth simulations. A combination of Syflex skin solver over a CMuscle system was used for the T-rex, while all CG stunt doubles (free fall and mine cart sequences) were entirely dressed with Syflex: clothings, backpacks and hair...
In fact it worked so well, we even used cloth simulations for some shots to add interactive lighting on live-action characters! Syflex is the perfect tool to add that little touch of realism you need for you characters.

Syflex: Did you already have experience with Syflex?
Frederic Fortin: I actually had a crash course with Andrea Merlo and Jeff Martin at Weta on The Return of the King. I also used the first Houdini built at Core Feature Animation, for Misclenious R&Ds. And many times at Meteor Studios!
Syflex is definitely a tool I enjoy working with.


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