SyFlex in "Mr. Mucus is getting Married" commercial


TV Commercial


Client: Adams Respiratory Therapeutics
Agency: Torre Lazur MaCann
Production company: ka-chew, a division of Klasky Csupo, inc.
Sr.VP/General Manager: Richard Marlis
Sr.VP/ Creative Director: John Andrews
Executive Producer:Liz Seidman
CG Producer: Sean Lurie
Director: Clark Anderso
Animation Director: Paul Demeyer
Character Designer: Bill Schwab
Director of CG: Bryan J Blevins
Project Lead: Forbes Hill
Senior Compositor: Jesse Morrow
Senior TD: Ryan Smith
Animation TD: James Parks
Animators: David Pritchard, Grace Dotson, Tom Sorem
Texture Artist: Jessi Chang
Modelers: Paul Ghezzo, Jacob Stephenson


Hollywood based production company ka-chew! used SyFlex to make the wedding dress of Ms. Mucus, in a commercial for Mucinex.


Project lead Forbes Hill and director of CG Bryan J Blevins shared with us some details:

Syflex: This is the first time you used SyFlex... Why did you choose to work with SyFlex on this spot?

Forbes: This was the first time we used it on a production. We chose to use it because it is the best commercially available cloth simulator. The competition doesn't come close.

Bryan: We had been avoiding doing cloth simulations before discovering SyFlex. Other solutions were just too complex and time intensive for the quick production cycles we have on our commercials. Once SyFlex came along, it opened up a whole new area of possibilities that we can use in our productions.

Syflex: What effects was SyFlex used for?

Forbes: SyFlex was used mainly for Mrs. Mucus' dress. It was also quite handy in allowing us to simulate Mrs. Mucus' pearls and Mr. Mucus' tie.

Syflex: Did you encounter any special challenges with the simulation? What was your solution?

Forbes: Custom tweaking of the simulation settings per scene was necessary to get the desired result, especially when the animation moved too quickly. The character's low-res geometry would often deform in a way which adversely affected the look of the cloth simulation. The solution was to simulate on hi-res geometry and in some cases build custom stand in geometry for the cloth to interact with.

SyFlex did a wonderful job of allowing us to pin objects, ie. a pearl necklace to an invisible SyFlex simulation making the pearls sit on the skin of Mrs Mucus while moving with it...very handy!

Syflex: How did you like working with SyFlex?

Forbes: SyFlex is awesome! Being able to get Realtime/near Realtime feedback on a simulation frees the TD up to focus more time on the artistic qualities of their simulation, in turn giving the director and agency more latitude.

Bryan: SyFlex is a dream! It takes the technicalities out of simulation.

Syflex: Will you be using SyFlex in more projects?

Bryan: SyFlex is part of our pipeline now. It is such a powerful tool, we keep it handy at all times.


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