SyFlex in an independent work by Daniela Hasenbring

Clip from final piece - QT 1.6MB

Test clip - QT 1.2MB

Images courtesy of Daniela Hasenbring


Graduation movie


Production Company: Koshigaya Studios
CG Software Developer & Digital Artist: Daniela Hasenbring
DanceActress: Miriam Kohler
SpecialThanks: Sven Bergmann, Martin Hecking, Ben Murray (Centroid Animation GmbH)


Fresh graduate of the German Film School, Daniela Hasenbring, shared with us and with CGTalk his graduation movie which employs a lot of work with SyFlex. The complete movie is available for download on Daniela's site.


Daniela kindly gave us a few details about his work with SyFlex:

"I had a bit experience with SyFlex before I started working on Neko (my previous character also had a SyFlexed skirt), so I didn't have too many problems finding a nice Setup for Neko. I spent a few hours on finding the correct Bend, Stretch values etc.

After the setup and animation were finished, I started with the Simulation. the whole movie had about 2500 Frames. I first did the Skirt, which was really easy. I had to restart the Simulation from T-Pose only 4 or 5 times (3 times the Animation isn't continuous, and the other times her movement was a bit too much for the Sim). So, the Skirt was simulated really fast.

Her Shirt was a bit harder, because her Arms are intersecting with her upper body and her breast very often. So, most of the Times I simulated 100 Frames in 5 mins and then it took about an hour for the next 5 Frames where I had to add Collider Objects, Pin Constrants etc. So, in overall I think I spent about 5 days on the cloth simulation.

At the end, when everything was finished (sorry I have to tell you this ^^), I baked the whole cloth with my own written plugin. Because, the SyFlex Cache didn't support MotionBlur (if you have cached Frame 1 and 2, and go to 1.5 you don't get the inbetween of the two cached files)..."


Thank you Daniela. You will be happy to learn that this functionality was added in our latest release: 3.6.

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