SyFlex in Toyota's "Deflate"


TV Commercial


Client: Toyota
Digital visual effects: La Maison
Director: Bruno Aveillan
Production company: Quad
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
Editor: Nini
Visual effects supervisors: Francois Dumoulin, Bruno Maillard
Graphic artists: Fran?ois Dumoulin, Bruno Maillard, Eve Ramboz
CG supervisor: Luc Froehlicher
CG artists: Emmanuel Chapon, Matthieu Royer, Luc Froehlicher, Pierre Pilard
Myriam Catrin, Guy Rabiller, Thomas Liebert
Digital matte painting: Myriam Catrin
Rotoscopy: Micha Sher
Visual effects coordinator: Caroline Deloffre


Situated in a most amazing space, French La Maison used SyFlex to make a difflation effect for this commercial for Toyota.


Matthieu Royer, one of the CG artists on this production, adds more detail on their work:

"We used SyFlex throughout the piece to achieve the deflating effect. The most complicated part was to make the "boss" deflating while keeping his acting, plus keeping the effect look realistic, with a realistic rendering. We had a precise rotoscoped 3D model of the actor in the shot to keep his acting and facial expressions, and then to add a deflating deformation on it. Doing it "naturally" was the real challenge here.

Emmanuel Chapon modeled the actor in 3D using several photos, i rigged it with fine controls on the face to rotoscope his expressions, and we rotoscoped all his movements and expressions. Then we made a second model of the actor, where the topology induced the kind of deformation we wanted from SyFlex. After this, we used SyFlex to naturally deflate him. It was really fun to animate all this, and we really enjoyed working with SyFlex here.

It was the first time we ever used SyFlex, but we regularly use it now.

It would have been a huge headache to do this without SyFlex. The director Bruno Aveillan was having a really precise idea for this effect, and as usual wanted it to be really believable. SyFlex was the best way to achieve this."


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