SyFlex in "Cloth Speak"

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Images courtesy of Moon FX


TV Commercial


Client: Hindustan Lever Limited (India)
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Mumbai
Production Company: MFX
Awards: London International Advertising Awards (LIAA) 2006 - Animation-Computer finalist
Australian Effects and Animation Festival (AEAF) Awards 2006 - Commercials Animation finalist
Animation Directors: Lau Kim San, Tan Lee Chia
Animators: Lynette Kong, Woon Szu Pei, Wayne Ho Chun How, Kim Leow Mei Heng, Darrel Chia, Chee Sum, Yap Boon Leong, Loke Chui Yee


Malaysian post-production and broadcast design studio MFX used SyFlex to make daily items of clothing come to life and communicate with each other in a nice spot for Comfort Fabric Conditioner. The whole spote is available on MFX' site.


Tan Lee Chia Head of 3D at MFX adds:

"From the first look at the storyboards, we knew we would need a better cloth simulation software than Maya Cloth. The characters needed to look like cloth come to life, not like clothing draped on an invisible person.

SyFlex allowed us to animate without fussing too much with the details of how the cloth would flow. We did character modeling and rigging in Maya, then converted them to cloth objects. All elements, such as buttons, pockets and belt lines, were stitched onto the cloth of the main body. Constraints and weight painting helped determine the stiffness and flow of the clothing. With a script to switch SyFlex on and off, we could animate the characters then turn on SyFlex to see how the movements would affect the draping.

In certain high-speed shots, the sampling had to be set very high, which took a while to simulate. We also had to fix many instances where elements ate into other surfaces, by animating the points in each frame... This was tedious work.

Finally, we baked all the geometry into a single file for rendering."


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