SyFlex in "Clear"

MFX clear
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Images courtesy of Moon FX


TV Commercial


Production Company: MFX
Director: Brad Hogarth (Passion Pictures)
Producer : Geoff Millichamp
Animation Director :Tan Lee Chia
Lead Syflex animator: Tan Lee Chia, Woon Szu Pei
Syflex animator : Ivan Leong Ern Chee, Yong Chian Wei


The objective of this project was to highlight the new packaging for Clear Shampoo. The Idea was to have the product act as the “Hero” in a fashion show.

The original design was to be peeled away, like a giant piece of cloth, by the model on the catwalk.

As this spot was for international use, we were required to produce 6 different pack combinations, so shooting live was not an alternative.

We initially tried different approaches, including Maya's Ncloth.
However after some tests, we found Syflex to be the most efficient solution. It's faster to set up, has more intuitive controls and provides faster feedback.

A number of local force fields were used to push the cloth upwards and after that to let it settle again.
Frequency turbulence fields were also used to generate wind effects adding to the realism of a large piece of Silk.


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