SyFlex in a commercial for the French Post Office


TV Commercial


Client: La Poste
Agency: TBWA
Production company: 75 Production
Director : Werner Damen
VFX production: Mikros Image, France
MikrosImage VFX Supervisor: Nicolas Rey
Syflex setup & animation : Romain Buignet, Laurent Taillefer


La Poste, the French post office, celebrated the change of their logo in this 45 second long commercial. The concept of ripping the old walls to reveal the new was realized using SyFlex.


Nicolas Rey, VFX Supervisor at Mikros Image shared with us a few more details about the work they did for that ripping effect:

At first, the ripping was supposed to be shot in live action, but once we presented the agency with tests of CG ripping effects, they were convinced CG could do the job better. The final work includes almost no real ripping! Our goal was to simplify the shooting and avoid real paper tearing on stage.

There are 17 shots of building walls ripped and they are all made with SyFlex.

The main challenge here was meeting a tight deadline. We had only 15 days to make 29 shots. We had to build an easy "rigging" setup for the animator to do the shot fast. The most tricky thing was to get the stickiness of the paper on the walls, and this was achieved with a Maya script. The animators had a pre-cut building with a "wallpaper remover" represented as one or many spheres and a windblower to specify the direction and behavior of the floating paper. Once the animation was approved, we added a polygonal reduction on the animated SyFlex objects to enforce the paper look.

This was the first time we used SyFlex, but definitely not the last! The feedback of the animation was very fast with SyFlex, and this was key in meeting our deadline!


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