SyFlex in a Christo-Style commercial for Outsurance

Demo clip. QT - 2.7MB

Clip courtesy of Ministry of illusion


TV Commercial


Client: Outsurance
Agency: Fusion Films
Director : Brian Cawood
VFX production: Ministry of illusion
3D VFX Supervisor: Martin Heigan
Senior 3D Animator: Robin de Villiers
3D Animator: Craig Horne
3D Animator: Mike Lockett


Ministry of illusion in Johannesburg were asked to wrap numerous objects in realistic CG cloth. They chose SyFlex for the job... The result made us think of Christo : )


3D VFX Supervisor Martin Heigan told us: "We tracked the shots, modeled proxy objects in Maya, and used SyFlex for the cloth dynamics. We used SyFlex because of its speed and ease of use. We needed to do something that we never did before. This is always a challenge, but we knew that we could take the job on with confidence, as SyFlex could deliver what was required within the boundaries of our tight deadline. This was the first job that we used SyFlex for, and as a result more challenging cloth job are lining up".


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