SyFlex in "Poseidon"



Feature film special effects


Client: Warner Brothers
Visual Effects Studio: The Moving Picture Company
Cloth Lead: Claire Pegorier
Cloth Artist: Penn Stevens


The Moving Picture Company in London used SyFlex in 20 hero visual effects shots they did for Warner Brother's Poseidon. They also used it for 30 more background characters in additional shots throughout the film.


We spoke with MPC's Cloth Lead Claire Pegorier, who gave us some details on how they used SyFlex in the work on Poseidon special effects:

Syflex: What was your brief?

Claire: We had to create realistic costumes for the majority of the digital doubles. In these shots, we had to add 3D characters that were really indistinguishable from live action actors and who were situated close to them in the shots.

Syflex: What was the challenge? How did SyFlex help?

Claire: We had to add hero digital doubles in about 20 shots, and in other shots, we had to cloth about 30 more background characters. So we built various types of setups: some that give enough details for close up characters and some lighter/simpler setups with less detail for the background characters.

We used SyFlex to make clothes for most of the characters, to animate long hair for women, and to enable dynamic tablecloths and even hose pipes on the Ship.

With reasonable processing time we can create realistic clothes, We produced all the doubles of the Poseidon Adventure with 4 computers and a team of 2 people in about 2 months, but we spent about 4 months before to prepare all the setups.!!!

Syflex: What made you choose to work with SyFlex?

Claire: We chose SyFlex because of its speed when processing cloth, and because of its stability. It also allows us to achieve general reliable setups for use on all the shots.

Syflex: Was this the first time you have used SyFlex?

Claire: No, we already used syflex on others projects: We did all the 3D Oompas and the Violet's transformation on 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory', and we also used it to simulate Voldemort's cape for 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire'. We plan to use SyFlex on a number of high profile Future projects.


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