SyFlex in "The Brothers Grimm"

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Image courtesy of Dimension Films / Peerless


Feature Film


Client: Dimension Films
Special Effects: Peerless, London
Release date: August 2005
Director: Terry Gilliam
Head of 3D: Ditch Doy
SyFlex simulations: Ian McFadyen and Vincent Thomas


SyFlex was used in a sequence in which a young girls' shawl becomes enchanted and flies away, luring her into the clutches of the evil queen. A bit from this sequence was included in the movie's trailer.


London's Peerless used SyFlex in the production of a complicated sequence for The Brothers Grimm. Head of 3D Ditch Doy gave us a few extra details:

"The shots were complex because it required the girl to interact with the shawl. She was shot on set acting with a live action prop but Terry was never totally happy with the result so we were required to replace the shawl with an entirely CG version of it.

We chose to work with SyFlex for the cloth dynamics because of the speed of its simulation and its flexibility, which enabled us to meet the needs of the director. Because of the enchanted nature of the shawl, it didn't obey the normal laws of physics so we had to create a complex series of fields and forces to get the CG cloth to magically come to life and fly away. Syflex worked particularly well in the sequence where the shawl lures the girl into the cave. This was the first time we have used SyFlex, but we subsequently used it on "The Legend of Zorro" to clothe our digital actors. SyFlex is compatible with our main software packages, XSI and Maya. It is also very fast which enables us to create many iterations of our dynamic simulations."


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