SyFlex in "The Legend of Zorro"

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Image courtesy of Sony Pictures Entertainment / Peerless


Feature film special effects


Client: Sony Pictures Entertainment
Special Effects: Peerless, London
Release date: October 2005
Director: Martin Campbell
Head of 3D: Ditch Doy
Senior TD: Vincent Thomas


London based Peerless used SyFlex extensively in the creation of a digital stunt double for Zorro and his stallion, Tornado. SyFlex was also used by Peerless to animate the climax of Zorro's first fight of the film where he is unmasked and his bandana is sent fluttering off the top of an aquaduct.


Head of 3D Ditch Doy gave us a few extra details:

"The SyFlex cloth simulator was mainly used in the traditional way to generate our digital Zorro's cape, shirt and trademark bandana/mask. However, SyFlex was also used to generate the dynamic elements of his horse's tack - the reins, saddle, bit, bridle, etc. The saddle was very ornate and comprised of many straps which all had to react correctly with the motion of the horse and the rider. We simulated long strips of cloth which were then used to constrain the dangling straps and reins, etc.

"Working with SyFlex is great because of its speed of simulation with no loss of accuracy. It is a very versatile tool allowing us to reproduce flowing silk for the scarf or heavy leather for the saddle and straps."


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