SyFlex in an independent work by Pendulum


Independent work


Production Company: Pendulum Studios
Director of 3D, Co-Owner : Mike McCormick
Executive Producer, Co-Owner: Robert Taylor
FX Technical Director: Michael Hutchinson


Pendulum Studios have developed their own proprietary software to streamline the application of facial motion-capture. To show-off how well they could make a digital actor act, they chose a monologue from Antony & Cleopatra. The hero character, Mark Antony, is wearing a lot of SyFlex (all the cloth & leather straps).


FX Technical Director, Michael Hutchinson adds:

"The cinematography of the piece demanded a single shot of nearly 3600 frames. Simulating several layers of digital clothing, for two minutes of uncut action, seemed like a daunting task... We were concerned about both simulation stability and processing time. A particularly complex area was the character's sleeves. The motion capture actor exercised a much larger range of motion than the armor of our 3D Mark Antony would have allowed. Despite constant interpenetration of these surfaces, SyFlex's collision engine proved robust enough to recover gracefully and continue simulating. After dealing with this challenge, the character's cape and multi-layered leather skirt were comparatively simple tasks. Once again, SyFlex came through for us, and proved itself an invaluable tool in our pipeline."


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