SyFlex in "Las Piñatas"


Brigham Young University student movie.


Las Piñatas, a short film from Brigham Young University’s animation program, won a "Student Emmy" award.
Syflex was used in 49 shots to animate ropes.


Emron Grover kindly gave us a few details about his work with SyFlex:


Las Pinatas was my first attempt at Syflex. I came onto the project at the end of production so I needed something fast and reliable to quickly complete 49 shots of simulated rope. I was able to quickly grasp the customizable workflow and wrote a bunch of custom scripts to streamline the production. For the ropes I used simple four-sided cylinders, which were later subdivided. The simplicity of the geometry and speed of syflex resulted in extremely quick simulations, even on our limited machines. The most difficult shots include the opening shot as the rope is thrown over the branch and it unravels to the ground. I used a simple join chain to ravel the rope and mixed syflex constraints with key frame animation as well as animated syflex properties to get the proper effect and feel. The second difficult shot required the two pinatas' ropes to ravel around each other at top speed. I used animated constraints and mimic controls for the shot. The film required the ropes to stay raveled throughout, so I exported and combined the geo and simulated them as one piece.

Overall Syflex produced an incredible result on a tight schedule with no prior experience.

Our next project, Pajama Gladiator, is using Syflex for many clothes and accessories. The production should be complete by the end of June.


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