SyFlex in Oscar-winning "Ryan"

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Clips courtesy of Chris Landreth


An Independent Short Film


Director: Chris Landreth
Producers: Steven Hoban, Marcy Page, Mark Smith, at NFB


SyFlex was used extensively in the award winning short film, Ryan. Director Chris Landreth found Syflex to be useful not only for all the clothing in the film, but also for special morfing effects.

Chris gave us a few words:

"Syflex is without a doubt the most powerful plugin we used on our short film "Ryan". The design for the film called for extremely realistic cloth, and by golly, syflex simulated those cloth models with utter reliability and predictability. No pops, no exploding geometry, no flaky interpenetrations, no unexpected progam halts. In other words, really cool clothing, really reliable animation to produce it. I can honestly say it took weeks off our schedule to have this part of our pipeline work so unexpectedly well".

Chris Landreth
Director, Ryan


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