SyFlex in two commercials from Sparx FX


TV commercials


3D VFX: Sparx FX
CG supervisor: Thomas Nautin
Head of R&D: Alain Xerri
Client: Nespresso
Advertising Agency: BETC EURO RSCG
Production Company: Cake Films
Director: Wilfrid Buch
Client: Prince de Lu
Advertising Agency: Young & Rubicam
Production Company: Blue Marlyn
Director: Rojo


Sparx FX in Paris has been using SyFlex for the past year in quite a few of their projects. They recently shared with us two examples of their work. In a Prince De Lu commercial, they simulated ropes interacting with a monster eel. By a sharp contrast, in a Nespresso commercial, they simulated beautiful falling silk ribbons.


Sparx FX producer Nadir Benhassaine gave us a few more details:

"In the Nespresso commercial, the ribbons were to have a realistic behaviour, plus the director wanted them to fit in the layout of the picture in a graphical way. Our task then was to create an actual choreography for the red ribbons. Our work on dynamics meant altering reality while keeping an eye on it. First, various falling ribbons were shot at high speed. We used that footage as reference material. Each ribbon had its own rigidity, depending on how tight its weaving was. We then calculated dozens of simulations to obtain both the right weight and the right "smooth silky feel". In each shot we needed the ribbon to have a specific shape and animation. That was achieved by using several simulations (each simulation had a specific "start" shape for the ribbon), and blending them together."

"In the Prince de Lu TVC, the net in which the giant eel is trapped is animated with SyFlex. There was a net on set and the crew's original plan was to shoot the interactions between the live net and the CG monster. We carried out tests and were convinced that having a CG net animated with SyFlex would work better. The net was shot and used as reference material. Our task was to create a net that would look as realistic as the actual thing. SyFlex's "nail" function allowed us to attach the net to the pilars. We then "dropped" the net and gave it a believable shape and rigidity. Finally, a low-res eel model was animated to interact with the net."

"SyFlex is fast, reliable and user-friendly. The simulations are quickly calculated. Its integration in Maya is stable. You only need to make sure you have a thorough geometry in your models, avoid having too many polygons, and use quads only. We chose to work with SyFlex because it is faster, more accurate, and easier to use than other solutions we have tested. With very satisfying customer support, to boot."


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