SyFlex in Spider-Man 3


Feature film


VFX: Sony Pictures Imageworks
Visual Effects Supervisor: Scott Stokdyk
Cloth Lead: Michael Stein
Cloth Artists: Jay Banks, Joe Eckroat, Barb Ellison, Bob Powell, Ed Siomacco


Sony Pictures Imageworks completed approximately 80 Syflex cloth shots for Spider-Man 3, including digital doubles, mask replacements, and flags.


The technical requirements for Spider-Man 3 demanded a robust, production-tested cloth solver that could create realistic results quickly. We knew that we needed to exceed the quality level from the previous films, and Syflex fit all of our needs.

We created four digital doubles for the film -- Peter Parker, Harry Osborn as the new Goblin, Sandman, and Mary Jane. Each of these characters required digital costumes that matched the live costumes, and most of the sequences involving the digital doubles had frequent cuts between live and CG shots, necessitating a quality level in the CG that had to be equal to the way the real cloth moved. Syflex provided a solid set of controls for setting up our costumes and for achieving the look in our shots. Our team did not have extensive experience with Syflex, and we were able to come up to speed very quickly.

We also had several shots in which we had to generate CG masks, and one shot in which we had to simulate a large American flag. These were also featured prominently, requiring the highest level of quality from the Imageworks team.

Syflex provided Imageworks with a robust solution for cloth, giving us the quality, speed, and control that we needed to create many of the most memorable shots in Spider-Man 3.


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