SyFlex in "Surprise" made by Spontaneous


TV Commercial


Client: Pennsylvania Department of Health
Advertising Agency: Neiman Group
Production: Spontaneous, NYC
Managing Director/Executive Producer: Maribeth Phillips
Creative Director: Juan Delc‡n
Director: Lawrence Nimrichter
Senior Animator: Michael Donovan
Animators: Wei Louie, Walter Lubinski, Gonzalo Escudero, Sung Kim
Director of VFX: David Elkins
Producer: Zu Al-Kadiri


Spontaneous used SyFlex in XSI to animate the sacks in this commercial.


Lawrence Nimrichter, Director of the campaign, told us a little bit about the work that his team at Spontaneous did with SyFlex in SOFTIMAGE|XSI:

"We wanted to create realistic cloth animation on the sacks the storks were carrying. The best solution for us was to create a syFlex cloth simulation for each key sack. For the background sacks in shots where the birds are flying across the scene, we created a few rippling cloth simulations that we were able to distribute to each of those sacks. Reusing the cloth simulations for the background sacks saved us a lot of time. In the end our cloth artist, Wei Louie, was very surprised at how fast he was able to get good looking results with syFlex".


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