SyFlex in "Arctic" commercial for Whirlpool

Clip from the commercial - QT 1.5MB

Clip courtesy of The Mill


TV Commercial


Client: Whirlpool
Agency: Publicis New York
Production Company: Partizan London
Visual Effects: The Mill
CG Producer: Asher Edwards
CG Lead Animator: Dadi Einarsson
CG Artists: Joshua Merck, Pete Hamilton, Doug Luka, Yann Mabille, Gonzalo Escudero, Sung Kim, Sam Kim
Aired: April 2006


SyFlex was used by the NYC branch of The Mill to simulate penguin-T-shirts in a Whirlpool commercial.


CG Producer at The Mill, Asher Edwards, says: "We are currently using SyFlex in 3 Whirlpool commercials we are working on. SyFlex in Maya gives decent results and not too much pain... In the first commercial, "Arctic", the challenge was to create photo-real baseball jerseys and turn them into believable penguins in whirlpool's "fantastical" arctic world. We used SyFlex cloth to simulate the cotton-like fabric, as well as its interaction with the environment."

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