SyFlex in "AND1"

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Clips courtesy of Ubisoft Entertainment. © 2005 Ubisoft Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.


Game cinematic and trailer


Client/Publisher: Ubisoft
Production: Ubisoft Cinematics Studio Montreal
Lead VFX: Patrick Parenteau
VFX artists: Raonull Conover, Pierre Cataford, Marc-André Carbonneau, Jocelyn Strob Simard, Jean-René Trudel, Dominic Bélanger, Sebastien Nadeau.


SyFlex was used in over 33 shots in the production of the AND1 trailer, by Ubisoft Cinematics Studio, Montreal.


Lead VFX Patrick Parenteau shared with us his experiance working with SyFlex:

"And1 was a big technical challenge for the VFX team. The project required us to recreate, in 3D, the flexibility and lightweight quality of basketball clothing. Many shots included more than one fully clothed characters with athletic moves.

All the t-shirts and shorts on the players and some secondary characters were achieved with SyFlex Cloth. Some shots included t-shirt grabbing, t-shirt sleeves pulled up and some cloth movement in slow motion. To distribute the assignments we decided to split the elements into two categories, the dynamic and the artistic cloth.

Basically the dynamic cloth refers to the forces that drive the movement of the cloth. In that case the movement is solely based on the character actions and basic natural forces. In the case of artistic cloth, the movement needed to follow a specific direction or look, not always inspired by physical forces such as gravity or wind. In many cases we were forced to use many opposing forces to achieve the requested look.

The experience with SyFlex was instructive and exciting to say the least. The software before And1 was only scarcely used throughout different productions. With And1, dynamic clothing became a fully integrated element for any cinematic or trailer production at Ubisoft.

We now discover new and unexpected ways and techniques to use SyFlex cloth in visual FX."


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