SyFlex in "Jane and the Dragon"

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Clips and images courtesy of Weta Productions


TV Series


Production company: Weta Productions
Executive Producer: Martin Baynton
Character Supervisor: John Homer
Shots Lead: Jeremy Hollobon
Cloth Simulation: Andrew Bonar, Daniell Brown, Scott Wilkinson, William Lim, Francis Van Hout


Weta Productions, sister company of Weta Digital, used SyFlex in almost every shot of this lovely TV series, Jane and the Dragon. The series is based on a book written and illustrated by Martin Baynton. An episode from the series can be viewed here.


John Homer, who led the simulation group says: "We used SyFlex in almost every shot in the show. We average about 400 shots every 2 weeks (1 episode), and over half the shots go through without any "human" intervention. Clothing, horse reins, tablecloths, curtains, flags... We chose SyFlex because of its speed, reliability and ease of set-up (not having to model in panels).. It was the first time we have used SyFlex, and really loved it... We have even used it for rigid body dynamics on one character because it proved easier than using Maya's rigid bodies!


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