Syflex on Modo

We are very excited to announce that Syflex is now available on Modo!

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Now available with nodelock or floating licenses.

SyFlex partners with embodee

Discover how Embodee and Syflex are spurring a 3D revolution in the online garment world.

SyFlex on LightWave

Faster and cheaper, the latest version of Syflex is now available for LightWave.

Faster: Simulations are now 3 to 10 times faster depending on complexity.
Creative: You can now animate most simulation parameters, giving you more creative options.
Cheaper: At $200 there's now no excuse not to add cloth animations to all your scenes.
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New: OS X version now available!

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SyFlex in "Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood"

Ubisoft has released at E3 2010 a visually stuning trailer for their upcoming title "Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood".
Produced by Digic Pictures this breathtaking animation is packed with simulation on clothes, hair, accessories on characters, horses’ ponytail etc.
Interview with executive producer Alex Sandor Rabb at Digic Pictures.

Sylene is demoing SyFlex


  Our cloth simulator was used in The Golden Compass, Spider Man 3, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, The Silver Surfer, Pirates of the Caribbean, King Kong, Superman, Batman Begins, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, among other notable feature films.

  SyFlex was used in numerous other projects, animated TV shows, commercials, game cinematics and short films (check out our news page to get a quick overview). Our clients used it to simulate cloth, hair, flesh, skin, ropes, sails, ghosts and even water. Some of the projects are reviewed in detail in our gallery pages.

  Designed by Steven Stahlberg, Sylene wears only SyFlex. We have two demo clips showing off how nice and easy it is to animate a dress, a pair of pants and a blouse. House of Moves provided the motion capture and we rendered Sylene dances in two different outfits. The simulation ran at 4 seconds per frame in both cases and none of the 1150 frames in this animation required any modification.

SyFlex - The Cloth Simulator

About syFlex

  SyFlex is the cloth simulator behind many of the realistic cloth animations seen in current 3D productions, special effects sequences in feature films and in commercials.

  SyFlex features an incredibly fast and stable engine, and while the comprehensive set of tools provided with the plugin allows to create a wide range of effects, the package is extremely simple to operate, and turns the creation of digital cloth into an easy task.


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