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  U.K. is one of the most active places when it comes to creative visual effects.

 Since 2002, Syflex has helped British companies crafting stuning special effects for many movie heroes like Superman, Batman, Zorro and, of course, Harry Potter.

  On "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix", three companies: Framestore CFC, Double Negative and The Moving Picture Company, used Syflex to animate a variety of objects like clothes, hair and flags.

We have listed here a few British companies along with some of the projects on which they used Syflex.

Framestore CFC

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Syflex had a short interview with Craig Lyn, Visual Effect Supervisor:

Syflex: Can you tell us where did you use Syflex in the movie?
Craig Lyn: We used Syflex both in the Centaur sequence for their hair, as well as with Kreacher for his clothing.

Syflex: Was it difficult to give Kreacher's ragged cloth a convincing look?
Craig Lyn: Not really, we had a very experienced TD named Carl Bianco doing the simulation, with Rob Allman setting up the initial look. It was really clear sailing in this process.

Syflex: Was this the first time you used Syflex?
Craig Lyn: Nope, we've been using it for shows such as Xmen 3, Underdog, Troy, and several other Harry Potter movies.

Double Negative

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Paul Franklin, VFX Supervisor on Harry Potter, gave us a few details on how Double Negative used Syflex:

Syflex: In how many shots did you use Syflex?
Paul Franklin: Syflex was used in approximately 50 shots that made it into the finished film. We used Syflex in the costume work for Grawp the Giant, in the digital stunt double work in the Hall of Prophecy and for the Veil in the Veil Room.

Syflex: What was the most challenging effect?
Paul Franklin: The biggest challenge for us was Grawp's costume which had to hold up to an extreme level of scrutiny as he filled frame, moving slowly for several seconds at a time. Grawp had a complex muscle simulation driving his skin which in turn influenced the behaviour of the costume so it was a very involved process. The costume itself consisted of multiple components, reflecting the layered, patchwork nature of Grawp's clothes.

Syflex: Was this the first time you used Syflex?
Paul Franklin: We've been using Syflex for a number of years now, the tool helped us to create the Batcape for Batman Begins as well as a number of other shows. Over the last few years if we've done digital double work then Syflex has been used to create the costumes.

The Moving Picture Company (MPC)

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

MPC had already used Syflex in previous Harry Potter movies. For instance, in 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire' Voldemort's cloak was animated with Syflex. In 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix' MPC used Syflex to animate the huge flag sporting the picture of Cornelius Fudge in the Ministry of Magic.



Brothers Grimm


V for Vendetta
This is only a short list of movies where we know Syflex came into action. There are probably more shows that we are not aware of.

Syflex is also used by number of British studios on video clips, commercials and TV shows. Some of them are showcased in our gallery pages, like "It's a boy!" or "JoJo in the stars".


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