December 23, 2005  --  SYFLEX IN "MR. MUCUS"
Hollywood based production company ka-chew! used SyFlex to make the wedding dress of Ms. Mucus, in a commercial for Mucinex. Clips and details on our Mr. Mucus page.

December 05, 2005  --  SYFLEX IN "AEON FLUX"
Santa Monica based special effects studio, Hydraulx, used SyFlex in the work on the crash of the Relical scene, for the secondary animation of the Relical reacting to collisions.

November 18, 2005  --  SYFLEX IN "HARRY POTTER"
Both Framestore CFC and Double Negative used SyFlex for their digital doubles in Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire. More details on our Harry Potter page.

November 1, 2005  --  SYFLEX IN "THE LEGEND OF ZORRO"
SyFlex was used by Peerless in the creation of a digital stunt double for Zorro and his stallion, Tornado. More details in our Zorro page

October 31, 2005  --  SYFLEX IN "NANNY MCPHEE"
SyFlex was used by FrameStore-CFC in the production of about 10 shots for the secret wedding sequence of the film Nanny NcPhee. The magnificent dress effects are much talked about. See more here.

October 28, 2005  --  SYFLEX IN "KELLOGG'S"
San Diego's Pendulum used SyFlex to created tattered clothes and gold chains of a scary bunch of skeleton pirates throughout three commercials for Kellogg's. They also used SyFlex for hair and beard simulation. See more.

October 25, 2005  --  SYFLEX IN "DEFLATE"
French studio La Maison used SyFlex in a commercial for Toyota, where characters and objects deflate. More details on our La Maison gallery page.

October 20, 2005  --  SYFLEX IN "AND1"
SyFlex was used in over 33 shots in the production of the AND1 trailer, by Ubisoft Cinematics Studio, Montreal. We have a clip from the trailer, as well as more details on our new Ubisoft page.
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September 1st, 2005 --  SYFLEX 3.5 IS OUT
Announced in SIGGRAPH, SyFlex 3.5 is now available. Among the new features are: Curve Animation (Hair), Global/Local mode, Button constraint, Wrinkle maps, Paint constraint weights and Self friction. You can order your SyFlex, or upgrade it, here.

September 1st, 2005  --  SYFLEX IN "THE SANDBOX"
Kory Juul used SyFlex in the creation of his independent short film, The Sandbox. The film will premiere on September 11th at the ArcLight for the LA shorts Fest. Congratulations, Kory!

August 30, 2005  --  SYFLEX IN BROTHERS GRIMM
London based Peerless used SyFlex extensively in the special effects production for The Brothers Grimm. More details on our Peerless page.

August 23, 2005  --  SYFLEX IN "BLANK"
Director of work-in-progress short film "Blank" Rob O'Neill is planning on using SyFlex quite a bit. A guest at our Tech Talk in SIGGRAPH 05, he contributed "making a character cape" tutorial to our site.

August 14, 2005  --  SYFLEX IN LA RUSH
San Diego's Pendulum used SyFlex extensively on their recently completed project; 15-minutes of high-end game cinematics for Midway Games' flagship title, LA Rush. Check out our Pendulum-LA Rush page.

July 28, 2005  --  SYFLEX IN STEALTH
Animal Logic in Australia utilized SyFlex in the work on a special effect shot for Stealth, where the camera moves through a burning hole in a parachute. See a still from the shot on our Stealth page.

The Moving Picture Company in London used syFlex in about 80 shots for Charlie, dressing up digital doubles of principal characters and hero Oompa Loompas.

July 10, 2005  --  SYFLEX FOR CORDS
SyFlex was used by Gravity to create the very animated earphone cord of the iPod, in this TV commercial for communication company, Bezeq. Please visit our New Gravity page to see more.

SyFlex was used by two special effects studios in the production of the film Fantastic Four. Giant Killer Robots used it to create the virtual replica of Dr Doom, and Stan Winston Digital used it to create "realistic clothing animation", as noted in a Softimage press release.

July 08, 2005  --  SYFLEX IN BATMAN
VFX Studio Double Negative in London did 15 digital stunt double shots for Batman Begines, all of these shots featured SyFlex cloth simulations. More details on our Double Negative page

VFX studio R!OT in Santa Monica used SyFlex in their work on The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3D.

May 23, 2005  --  SYFLEX IN THE STARZ
SyFlex in XSI was used by NYC based UVPHACTORY to create the rich effects for the Starz "In Black" channel IDs. Please visit our UVPHACTORY page to see a clip and read an interview with co-founder Scott Sindorf.

Moving Picture Company in London used SyFlex for the many flags integrated in the crowd scenes.

May 03, 2005  --  SYFLEX MAKES WATER
Post production studio Method managed to really surprise us when they used SyFlex to create water effects in a commercial for Gatorade, Please visit our Method page to see more.

April 28, 2005  --  SYFLEX FOR PEALING SKIN
SyFlex was used by Gravity to create the pealing skins of the characters changing their identities, in a commercial for a cereal. Please visit our Gravity page to see more.

Finland based special effects studio, Rinki, used SyFlex in XSI to animate empty Tshirts falling to the ground. Please visit our Rinki page to see more.

February 21, 2005  --  SYFLEX IN PRINCE OF PERSIA
Ubisoft Cinematics Studio Montreal used SyFlex in XSI for more than a dozen shots in the production of the Prince of Persia cinematic for "Warrior Within". visit our Ubisoft page.

January 20, 2005  --  SYFLEX IN ELEKTRA
Pixel Magic used Syflex in 24 special effects shots they made for Elektra, and Picture Mill used it for the titles! Read the Pixel Magic testimonial or visit our Elektra page.

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